Townsville car rental with MYUTE Rentals
Townsville’s most identifiable location where you can make your ute, car, van or trailer hire choices with good old fashioned service

Whether it’s for short or long term we can provide a modern and professional approach to getting you behind the wheel of one of our quality Townsville car rental fleet.

It was 1990 when the Nannestad family realised there was a need in Townsville for a reliable local car rental service.

At the time they set up business specialising in utility hire and the car rental business quickly grew & now encompasses small cars and trailers available for rent alongside their fleet of high quality utility vehicles.

We are Townsville’s most identifiable location where you can make your ute, car, van or trailer hire choices with good old fashioned service. Our convenient location provides easy access and provides a valuable service to all discerning Townsville clients.

Since 1990 the Nannestad family have continuously taken great pride in offering their fleet of cars, utes, vans and trailers at an affordable price and in impeccable condition. Our fleet of late model vehicles are clean and presentable, our utes are fully serviceable in drop side, caged and tipper configurations while our vans are all easy to load.

People's needs varied and this new operation realised that to make this a success they needed to provide a quality passenger vehicle car hire - matched to their client's needs and offered at an affordable rate.

A policy that was readily accepted and before too long we were witnessing the highways and roads of the Townsville full of MYUTE Rentals cars, trailers and work utes.

Over the years the car models have changed. Rest assured that even though cars have changed, the service, quality and affordability of a MYUTE Rentals has remained constant.

We have proven ourselves to be the leaders in car hire Townsville offering clients with affordable long or short term car rental from our Townsville depot.

In the 21st Century MYUTE Rentals will continue building on this fine reputation.

Now under the ownership of Soren Nannestad, who will always go the extra mile in customer service and the creation of customer satisfaction to ensure that your Townsville car rental or work ute, small car hire or trailer rental experience will be a rewarding one.


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